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Thanks Nenad for sharing your insights. Your fact- based and clear headed review was extremely valuable. You have always proven to be a focused and productive counsel to us. We do appreciate the guidance and energy you stimulate with us.”
Richard Goodmanson, Global Chief Operating Officer, Du Pont
Nenad, on behalf of Honeywell Aerospace I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise on emerging market strategies and managing through challenging times. This was a wonderful educational experience for our global leaders. Your breadth of knowledge and willingness to engage in honest dialogue about difficult issues provided us with the most thought-provoking session we had in the history of our Executive Forum in Arizona. I was so impressed that I forwarded your material to Dave Cote, the CEO of Honeywell.”
Rob Gillette, CEO Honeywell Aerospace
Nenad Pacek is a great speaker and one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on subjects such as business and economic trends in emerging markets and global economy. Both me and Microsoft leadership team in Europe have learned a lot from Nenad with whom we have worked for more than a decade.”
Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman, Europe, Microsoft
“Nenad, your contribution to our “accelerated growth” in-house meeting in Switzerland was brilliant. All experienced Nestle directors were particularly pleased to interact with an external speaker who definitely knew what he was talking about and was inspiring at the same time! I have always enjoyed your continuous valuable inputs and I am looking forward to the next meeting.”
Laurent Dereux, Regional Director, Nestle

“Nenad, thank you for joining our leadership team and sharing your perspectives. Your personal insights on economic prospects and successful corporate strategies were enormously helpful to our team. I do think it would be helpful if our team had access to your insights on a more regular basis.”
Alexander M. Cutler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eaton Corporation
“Remarkably, Nenad Pacek spoke without any notes throughout the day as he led us through a global tour of emerging markets, their economic drivers, market entry strategies, models for targeting emerging markets, competition levels and mega trends. He was an extremely insightful, highly credible, interesting and enthusiastic presenter and he supported his views with business anecdotes and statistics. We had the most senior Corporate Development Officers of European Financial Institutions in the audience and they gave extremely strong feedback about Nenad. If we were running a similar Emerging Markets themed event, I would recommend my colleagues to use Nenad. He was not only the key contributor to the overall success of the day, but also flexible and easy to work with.”
David Barker, Managing Director and Charlie Alexander, Partner, Ernst & Young EMEIA Financial Services


“We have used Nenad Pacek as a speaker at international forums large and small, global and regional, formal and informal. Irrespective of the audience, his speeches were very positively received because they provide thought provoking insights and information. Nenad’s broad and always current knowledge makes him our valued advisor.”
John Langdell, Regional President, SC Johnson
“Nenad, many thanks for sharing your insights about the economic crisis and its impact on business to our regional team. We are very interested in more sessions with you.”
Mike Kubena, Regional President, PWC
“I heard Nenad speak and take questions at the global banking workshop in London. His insightful speech about economic and business issues in emerging markets was fantastic!” Francesco Ceccato, Managing Director, Barclays Bank
“I had no choice but to invite Nenad Pacek again to our annual advisory board meeting. Our advisory board members simply insisted we invite him again. He was back by popular demand!”
Marc Luet, Global Operations VP, Visa
“Nenad Pacek has spoken at a number of high profile ACCA events including to our governing Council and senior management group on topics relating to the global economic conditions and global market trends. He has provided informative and insightful commentary in a highly engaging manner. He is an erudite and eloquent speaker and I recommend him without reservation for any public speaking role.”
Helen Brand, Chief Executive, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
“I have heard Nenad speak many times at some of his client sessions, but most recently we had a pleasure of inviting Nenad to our Medtronic International headquarters in Switzerland to speak at our business leadership meeting. He is highly competent, superbly technically fit and he delivers his speeches (no power point) in an easy to understand key messages. The last session with him was essential for us to align our investment strategies with the external environment. He is easy to work with, responsive and we also enjoy reading his written materials. I would strongly recommend his services to those corporations who want to know what is really happening out there and want to have a convincing and professional partner next to them to mobilize the organization or to simply inform.”
Slobodan Radumilo, Regional President, Medtronic International
Nenad Pacek spoke at our last global Leadership Forum. His keynote was fascinating and inspiring. It received the highest notes from the participants. We are staying in close touch with Nenad for the future.”
Robert Hornman, CEO, Worldhotels